Family Law Mediator

Not every divorce ends in a courtroom battle. In many cases, the issues related to divorce and family conflict can be effectively resolved through mediation. In divorce mediation, separating partners work together, with the guidance of a mediator, to develop mutually acceptable terms for the divorce. This may require couples to address issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, and property division.


Is Compromise Possible?

Separating spouses can find common ground if both are willing to make concessions. Mediation is not about lawyers advising clients; it is about clients finding their own solutions with a mediator’s guidance. Clients can think about what they really want and how to prioritize their objectives.


Experienced Mediation Services

As a trained and certified mediator, Richard Clem has experience guiding clients to a place where compromise can happen and facilitating that compromise. Having been in practice for over thirty years, he draws from this experience to help divorce mediation clients resolve matters such as: